New Year's Eve, Shootin' 3s

What better place to celebrate the new year than a Detroit Pistons game, especially for a guy who knows nothing about basketball. And better yet, getting to sit in the nosebleeds, which after twenty minutes could be any seats, whence I punch myself in the face for being at a basketball game in the first place. And from that high up the court is so far away the players all look, well, normal. According to me they were playing Milwaukee, so I'm glad that when the border guard asked I just admitted I had no clue, and then when he asked to see my ticket I said I didn't have it, and then when he asked why I was traveling alone I just pursed my lips and winked.

I'm surprised he let me in, and a while later, let me cross the border.

The beers were a ridiculous $9.50 USD, fittingly, at the "Palace" of Auburn Hills. So I must've spent a pretty penny that night in order to (seriously) wake up with a note in my iphone saying "Gloria was a Goat."



A slight case of the unawares. Or maybe petting Gloria.

Anyway, I guess my resolution this year is to avoid border guards and goats. And attempt to pay rent. But likely in that order.

This is all after I find a theme for my second blog, because the kids say it's the way of the future for photographers, as is, apparently, videography. So now I have to talk about relevant things on there without the vulgarity and digression and uselessness - aka, the essence - of this one. And then learn video.

Luckily found a collection of cheap tutorials online. Though so far they only seem to film downwards, and with no soundtrack other than whatever the actresses are humming along to....


And the silly ladies forgot their underpants!