Pan Am Fun and Pan Am Games: Day 6

(July 12) This boat dream is now seeming less realistic than, well, most of my happy dreams; but at least they sometimes end up coming true.

If I weren’t having so much damn fun at the Games right now, I’d probably be furious at both the lack of boat, and the lack of time to get in one. I've barely been on the water and, well, you've already read about those *interesting* sessions. Now I've had to call in a favour from my accommodating physio friend and spend a few days on the stationary bike to let my ribs recover, which sadly ended up reaffirming my taboo love for the erg. It's not so bad that ergs don't move, but being on the bike in the hotel gym was just a new level of blah. I felt like I should have been in a full sweat suit sipping a smoothie with a towel around my neck. I hoped I could achieve at least a speed of three metres per hour so by the end of my session I could have ridden right through the window of the 17th floor. My arms felt about as useful as Raquel Welch's when she walks. (Go watch some damn Seinfeld while I continue to fume.)

At least I had some cool events to check out afterwards..I saw the Canadian women go 1,2 in the 3m springboard finals: DSC_3046_good_pamware

Pamela Ware on the 3m springboard. Well, not on it. she's in the air right now on her way to the water. Well, she's probably back in her hotel room right now, but at that moment she was in the air. As you can see in the picture. I guess I'm not sure what captions are really used for.

And then my vertigo kicked in when the men started the 10m platform.


We're both thinking the same thing: why the hell is he up on the high one when he could be down here and likely saving money on his life insurance premium. That's money he could spend on waxing! Or at least a bigger bathing suit.

It was a long day at the aquatics centre, and we just got home (11pm) so I only have a few minutes of cable TV time to clear my mind of all those Speedo'd Men before I fall asleep and risk ambiguous dreams. Hence why I'm desperately cycling between CityTV, Showcase, and TLN for some of those special late night shows that got all of us young boys through high school.

Found one!

Look at me showing off, typing with one hand!