Due West 2013

Here’s the link to my solo road trip video from the summer. Make sure to click on “HD” for the best quality.


It was my first time ever using a GoPro and editing the footage, so I’ll understand if you switch over to some good old erotica halfway through. After all, what’s the internet for?

I realized when I finally sat down to put it all together that you really need to film EVERYTHING if you want it to really make sense in the end. Like that erotica we were just talking about.. what good is it to see the end of the story when we don’t know how the characters got there in the first place?! Why’s he so excited? Did she cause that? How? And did she really just want to make it as an actress?

So it’s tough to acknowledge that you witnessed everything yourself (no longer talking erotica) but that it doesn’t matter when people are watching it later and can only see some of the surrounding moments. Next time (April) I’ll try to take advantage of everything the camera offers and get a little creative (maybe talking erotica). In the meantime, I think this turned out fairly well, given that I was riding 16 hours a day and couldn’t stop to switch camera mounts and recharge the batteries very often. Damn this thesis eh? Deadlines are real. Maybe Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t exaggerating.