Priority Male

That’s me (read: that is I); after all I am a grad student. I’ve put myself at the top of my priority list this week for sanity’s sake (sake is singular..that grad school thing again).

I have a poop-tonne (metric; it’s heavier) of work to do for Sunday night, so naturally I did a priority check and decided it was time to blog again. As you can read in the description at the top, or not, because it’s likely changed, whether or not my life is interesting is a subjective matter. The road trip out west is way in the past and my life has been consumed by consuming lately; it’s been a fairly large effort on my part to drown the research blues in talk juice. I’ve succeeded - that’s about the only objective thing. We’ve been saluting Miley all month with “Bottoms up!” Also because one might describe our new apartment as a dirty hole.

Accordingly, we spotted a gang of mice outside following one giant never-more-than-a-supporting-actress rodent. Some mice are petite and cute. This one, not so. It had a good sense of humour though.

Prior to the mice, we had a bout of fruit flies. Thank God our very own Bear Grylls roommate took care of them..


The “fruit fly trap” (left) (or middle?) If only they knew there was more to it than just dying. This was obviously after another night of consumption of non-living beverages.

Aside from animal kingdom visits, I’ve essentially been on a roller coaster of finishing dates for my thesis. It’s gone from December to next August, to April, and then back and forth between those. I haven’t learned from it (or anything yet, really) and every time it changes I live or die with it. But man, when that “December” term gets tossed around I get quite the pants commotion. A winter finish means a spring departure to either France or BC, permanente. Just thinking of it, my laptop’s barely on my lap. Which is good because I’ve read that the heat is bad for your globes.

I took a break from the mental commotion and blew off some steam last weekend with some beauties at a cottage, so I’m refreshed and recharged for this semester (’s first few days). It might be back to the drink by week two. Gotta do what ya gotta do, right? - It’s like wingman-ing for your own future.

On the bright side, in the midst of new masters students getting lost on the way to their assigned desks, I’ve earned squatter’s rights at my roommate’s office on main campus, so the view has improved drastically, as well as the morale - not mine, the office’s; I’m a charm. Now the Seasonal Asshole Disorder has relaxed and I feel like a more normal human, despite the last few 15-hour days.


Main Campus: a better view. If you look closely at the ground, you’ll see many little ant-like creatures. Don’t stare, it’s orientation week for the rookies. Looking too long is like being on Free Parking then rolling a ten. You know how nervous people walk over the glass floor in the CN Tower? That’s me on my way to the office. I’ll be a weatherman by the time I graduate (also, if).

Okay, back to work. Alt+Tab, as it were.


P.S. The road trip video is nearly finished. Around 12 minutes long and shitty as one would expect from a first time GoPro user and first-time video editor. It’s all on Windows Movie Maker.. you know, the best thing ever. It’s the only program that didn’t make my computer crash on the regular. I’ve already had a few shady websites looking for my services - I assume they just want my unique opinion on things when they ask me to make POV videos.

“Hey, who ordered a pizza?”