It’s Yogic Bear, Om Boo Boo?

(not yesterday, but the day before the day before that)

Gahh, another early morning. I can feel the end of my dreams being blended when that morning smoothie gets going. Probably good to stop those dreams from concluding in not-my-bed. It’s a good thing though because I don’t have to go anywhere past Ottawa to sleep in and do nothing with my day; here I get going and essentially I’m not allowed to stop. Today? Hot yoga. I can dig that. Warm, relaxing, in a real studio and not the Athletic Club’s luke-warm house of funny mirrors (ok, they’re normal, but the people are doing strange things). Unfortunately my body was overexcited by all of this and my pores were drooling from the get-go. I mean, it was so hot that regular people were sweating buckets. Either that or they were frolicking in the puddles left by the knocked-over fire hydrant visiting from Ottawa.

Alas, I survived. So now what? Oh okay, sure, spin class. What’s another hour of work on a Sunday? Sorry, God.

And I didn’t even have time for a saline drip!

We went over to the spin studio and I started adjusting my bike. Aaaannd SWEAT. GO. Like the campfire embers were still burning and I dropped my hairspray in there

No I don’t use hairspray, but just go with it. Go with the flow like I get from using my hairspray. Shit, wait, I don’t. Just a mist, really; doesn’t count. But it should cause the hold is incredible.

So I survived the morning onslaught of activity…I think they’re trying to tell me something, but I don’t listen because when they talk I just picture two pretty McDoubles. And I assume that they were resuscitating me for the majority of the classes before I came to when I heard something about food.

We wobbled over to Lynn Canyon in North Van and soaked in some sun on rocks in the middle of the stream. Note: sunglasses tan almost gone. Note: not.


Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.


Clearly it’s not a secret place, but like a Hollywood party, there were plenty of rocks for everyone.

Tonight’s been tame because the ladies have a race in the morning and I’ve got some major geek-wood for checking out my videos and adjusting things (as I also adjust the camera settings…)

See ya tomorrow, East People. Dream of mountains while I fall asleep watching them through the patio doors.


Wait, those are my toes. Still darn pretty. The mountains are behind me.