Motorcycling is travel bacon.

An unexpectedly stellar day. It was raining in the morning and the mosquitos were ready like puck bunnies near the end of the 3rd. I swatted a few away and let a few others have at it, I mean, they’d worked hard and waited outside in the cold..

Given my 5am bedtime last night, there was a bit of a delay in the waking process. I was pretty rattled to find I’d slept through the complimentary breakfast. Bacon and eggs are always awesome, but when the bacon and eggs call YOU awesome? It’s unreal.

I packed up and realized I’d forgotten contact solution (I just did this moments ago too) so it’s on the list of things to get done while I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Unlikely scenario.


Today I noticed that you know you’re in Ontario when every main city is bragging about either their 24-hour Tim Hortons, or the pro hockey player they raised. A double-whammy when I went through Cochrane.

I wonder what’s happening back in Ottawa? A.L. and J.D., miss you lovefools. Enough that you can eat my bagels in the fridge before they go so bad.

When I was getting my uncomplimentary breaky over at McDonalds I started chatting with a guy in the parking lot. (Not going where you think.) At the end he mentioned that I’d better have a full tank of gas because the next station was at least two hours away. I bragged: “I’ve got a full tank and a 5L red can in the saddle bag; I’m sailin!”

An hour later I remembered I’d put off the fill-up until the morning because I was so tired and because I was so tired, the fill-up never happened…

So I’m 120km from the next town and I look down at the tank…just under half. Shit, I forgot to fill it last night. Oh well, I’ve got half, and then a tank in the bag; I’m golden.

So I’m 115km from the next town and I look down at the tank…well under half. Shit, this is not a rectangular tank. Oh well, I’ve got over half a tank when I add the reserve from the bag.

So I’m 80km from the next town and I look down at the tank…in the red. Shit, I’ve already added the backup supply. Oh shit oh shit oh shit, etc. like Andre 3000 just said ice cold is cooler than cool.

Moments after I passed the sign reading 40km from the town, I saw a fishing campsite off the road and decided to give it a shot. The tank had been on empty for 20 minutes and there was nothing in the spare. Turns out this beauty from Tillsonburg was running the place and had her own pump (I swear it’s not mine, baby!)

I filled up both tanks and was absolutely grinning. I looked like Steven Tyler one-biting a slice of watermelon.

I grabbed a bite to eat in the next town and headed for Thunder Bay under some freaky-lookin’ cloud cover. Nothing fell from the sky though, not even a Coke bottle! I guess the gods aren’t so crazy.. good luck with that one.. The original point being that I didn’t have to break out the yellow Fisherman’s Friend outfit to stay dry. It’s great, but doesn’t beat jeans and a hoodie on the bike.

When I got to T-Bay I popped into a Tims and looked up how far the next town was…4 hours and expecting T-storms. Sure, why not! And as soon as I got about 20 minutes outside the Bay, SUN! It was something special. And it kept up for about three hours; no need to call the doctor.

The last  hour or so was a mix of God’s emotions; some ark-worthy rain, Steven King-worthy fog, and some crazy sunset clear-sky lovin’. It was getting chilly so I was wearing all my rain gear anyway, and only driving about 80km/h out of respect for the fog and moose populations.

I got some solid footage and rolled into the hotel at 1am.. No! Midnight! Time change!

I just spent the free hour in the steam room…I’m out there Jerry, and I’m lovineveryminuteofit!


Tomorrow I make the jog to Winnipeg and check up on the flooding to figure out the next step. My buddy in Calgary just got cleared to return to his place so maybe I’ll swing by and help him feed his visitors by testing the food before they eat it.

Anyway folks, I’m batman comic Zonked. Pow! Time for bed. I’m as ready for sleep as the Calgary mayor is to beat up the people boating in the river. Dude’s losing his shit on the news (hopefully not in the river).

Love y’all.