I now know why there's a double "o" in moose

Welp, my rainsuit works. I even splurged and grabbed $4 gloves and $15 boots; two solid accessory grabs. I may be getting a show on TLC soon. I went with the solid black get-up..

 The weather in the morning was less than stellar so I waited it out with my eyes closed in semi-consciousness till eleven or so, then loaded up my gear and hit the road. Of course my first mistake was thinking I could find a random gas station on the way to get me started. I did find one, about 15 minutes later, and when I filled up and left there was no on-ramp back to the highway. What else is new… I spent another 10 minutes finding another entrance to the highway since my phone (GPS) was in my pocket and the sky was dropping rain like it was failing going into the midterm. But once I was rolling, I was rolling. Unfortunately I booked my lodging in advance to save a few bucks, so I’d locked myself into a twelve hour haul. That finished up about an hour ago so now holed up in the biggest town for miles, somewhere around 9000 humans and one giant moose who looked at me like I had a neutering kit in my pack. And no wonder he was worried, that was the first five-legged moose I’ve seen.  I figured he’d just come from the bowling alley and stolen a couple.

The ride itself was pretty decent, especially since the rain came at the beginning and my gear held up. So it was a relief followed by a beauty day. I’ll see if I can snag a frame from the GoPro to put up here.

My goal for tomorrow was originally to make it to Winnipeg, but thundershowers are in the cards and death ain’t my bag. Though death could come from the bag of that moose I saw.

I’ll see what it looks like in the morning aka 4 hours, and decide from there. You never know how amped up and invincible I might feel once I get a couple coffees and egg mcmuffins in me. That combo has been known to inspire some things. Along with the fact that I’m one day closer to Vancouver there’s some serious potential for pushing through. The downside is that you don’t get a lot of good footage in the rain (yes, Coldplay and t.A.T.u. will disagreee. But hell, it’ll be Manitoba; there’s Winnipeg and some guy named Brandon who’s apparently a big deal. I’m sure I’ll just go and have a soggy good time getting to the Peg, like half-assed dirty talk.

Sixteen gigs of video are transferring right now so I can’t quite hit the hay yet. Just watching some tele while I internet and Word…the weather network here is in french, but the weather girl is asking the Calgary correspondent questions in english, then they’re playing the response in english, then everything goes back to french…Tabarnak, this is confusing. But the best part is that someone’s phone on TV keeps making that whistling text sound and no one acknowledges it. I’ll pretend like I didn’t look out my window the first time(s) it happened.

Ok, the vids are done. Here are a few screenshot pics from them..

From the first fill-up navigation error where I also forgot to turn off the camera when I told the guy to just let me fill it so he didn’t spill…sorry, confused little man.


Your boy all geared up for the precipitation anticipation, saying “No paparazzi!:


The sun finally came out in the evening, as if his father retired from politics in the afternoon:


See y’all in Manitoba.