Robbie’s First Day of School

I guess we left off at the orientation, which kinda makes it seem like we’ve talked about absolutely nothing yet.

So here we are, Day 1. It begins. At 8am blunt (I think it was 8:05).  

I packed my lunch (bread, with some mmm mmm butter on that there bread) and went to my first class. I walked in and sat down hoping I’d picked the best spot to avoid the prof’s attention and calmly drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, the class had four people and we sitting in a one-table meeting room. *gulp* Coffee down the hatch. My new best friend. Hey, the prof looks familiar.. almost like my supervisor.. *gulp* wish I hadn’t gulped that coffee before, I’m getting nervous.

What if he asks me a question?

Shit, he just did.

Shit, I’m acknowledging to myself that he asked me a question, but I’m not responding..

Rob! Snap out of it! This guy’s asking you a question!

Well he’s not just some guy, he’s your supervisor! Think quick man!

Actually, think quickly, if you want to be grammatically correct.


Okay okay, I’ve got it!

“Fine thanks, and you?”


Nailed it. I think he likes me.

Wait, that wasn’t his hand that I shook. *gulp*

I survived the rest of the class at only 80% of my heart rate max, and with only a few come-hither winks from the man in charge.

The first thing I realized I’d have to get used to was that all of these classes would be three hours long, and in tiny rooms. And you can’t just go around giving the “hihowareya” to every prof’s portfolio. I mean, they meet, they talk, they get jealous. Then they’ll be on your thesis defence committee and you’ll have to try to explain that you were like Joey Tribbiani just trying to fit them for suits as gifts at your graduation.


Man, where the hell am I going with this?


…I thought to myself when I moved to Ottawa. And as a testament to my persistence, I still ask that question daily.

Let’s maybe get to the present to see what’s going on this week in the life experiment.

The present

I cleaned the fridge out yesterday. And uh, *gulp* yeah, so…*big gulp*

Welp, see ya later!