Desperate Houseguys: less wrinkles, standing tinkles.

So I got to thinking today, and my supervisor liked that. Hell, I even decided to be a little forward when writing this and suggest that when you don’t get the strange references that I make, you should ask me. And then I fell over.

My thinking was this: if I switch to a flashback format with this here blogger thing, I can keep you up to date as I catch up with writing last summer’s happenings. So you can be up to date as I become up to date. And if you’re up to date, then I’m up to date. But let’s not be so forward about that. I already fell once.

The present..

On this very day I finally moved into my new place for the summer, only five days late, yet enough to scare a guy off.

At least the wrecking ball isn’t hitting the old house until at least next week so there was a bit of a grace period to get out. Yet, as evidenced by the absence of dishes, cutlery, and food, the rest of the group took it upon themselves to clear out early – forgetting that I wasn’t going with them.. Thankfully the back and front doors were broken and it smelled funky, so it still felt like home while I was alone and starving down to a bony 210.

I picked up the keys and was informed that this new place gets pretty warm at night, so I informed them that I get pretty naked at night. Then one of them informed me via his pants tent that he was okay with that.

After the move I finished digesting the McDonalds from last night(s)(week)(s) and then hit the tennis courts. I got burned by a few serves and the sun, but the weather was so nice it could’ve been the ‘nomatterwhat.’ (See first paragraph).

Then it was off to the lab for a bit.

There’s not much more to update after that, because as soon as I got to the lab I made a peanut butter sandwich and started tyyyyyping.

Shit, the peanut butter got everywhere.

Hey, if you’re up to date then I guess it’s the perfect time for a flashback, no?

Might as well keep the continuity and throw back to my first day in this office, September 6th±5, 2012.

The past..

I don’t quite remember the date because someone told me in French. In fact, they told me everything in French because it was me and five francophones in the office (to be fair to both sexes, it was three francophones and two francineophones). Undecided if one was a homosexuophone, but I hoped the thing in his pocket was justaphone.

I remember walking in and setting up my desk thinking, man, this computer has two monitors! Now I can look at facebook while I facebook. I think I’ll be just fine here.

The shame of it is that it takes more finesse to “alt-TAB” two screens when the boss comes in.. or when I take desk photos.. Actually, I was an arts undergrad so those are just two pieces of paper taped onto the screens. I’ve also mastered taping open eyes onto my face in class.

Welp, I’d better get going. My phone finished charging so I no longer have a use for being in the lab on a Saturday. Of course, that, and I’ve finished using the big backup jar of crunchy PB to top off my dinner.

(Yes, my dinner was bread). I need to fuel up for tonight’s hopscotch tourney… although most people just call it “drinking multiple rounds of boilermakers.”

Good luck, me.