High Five - Don't Leave Me Hangin'!

I certainly did.

July 9 - Present (October 1, 2012)

It’s about damn time I updated this. And if my plan was successful, there’s no one left to read this because you’ve all moved on and are probably watching the American X Voice with Simon Aguilera, or some such blah.

The Chicago trip has faded from my memory. Well it faded each night during the trip, but either way I’ll save you the boredom of reading such poop-passé and just move on to the new-poo.

I’ll still say “you” or “dearest reader” in case you accidentally clicked on an undeleted old bookmark (or dare I suggest, an old “favourite?”). (Dare you say, yes?)

Also, I think that since I’ve joined the world of Twitter I’ve been able to vent my frustrations more easily. In fact, I’m bitching about this very post right now. But I return, for alas many a man has cancelled the newspaper subscription thinking he was better off with Wolf Blitzer’s holographic polls showing that 3 in 12 Americans think the pizza has a little too much cheese. And where the hell is the ranch?! I ordered some frickin’ ranch!

I’m keeping this one short so I can assure that I actually post it. For those of you who accidentally clicked the old bookmark (favourite), and for those that clicked and still don’t know – Wolf, do we have a cool looking stat for that? – I did get into grad school, and I did make it past the first two weeks. Thank you, you’re all too kind.

That’s good enough for now, I guess. I’ll gather all of my notes from the margins and piece together that whole process this week.

So cheers, unlucky clicker, you. If you ask me, I think your fat fingers are charming. Don’t let that touchscreen get you down!

Welcome back, me.