Uphill in the snow, both ways.

If you wanna feel young, screw a Swiss psychologist. But don’t talk ‘best video game ever.’

For a little context, I’ll say that it was really loud and this one guy and I had a five minute conversation on what our names were.

So I was downtown last night and snowboarding was the topic. After a while she says:

I get by in the summer months by playing SSX on PS2.

Huh? Never heard of it.

It’s the best game out there.

Well whatever it is, it can’t beat Goldeneye 64.


(Uh oh.) N64! No?

I don’t know it. Maybe it was before my time.

(Oh boy.) Wow. Come on, it was high school!

Really? So, kinda like the original Playstation?

(May I borrow your gun?) Please talk about something else.

How’s about we split a stick of tea and pitch woo in your Model A?

Sorry, banks closed kitten.