M-A-R-T-Y. M-O-O-S-E.

So, back to all of the boys in the yard.. the milkshakes were amazing. My interview was not. I did get a free glass of water out of it though. I network like that.

For the record, Kary and I have decided that Bucky’s is superior to Timmy’s when traveling. And Timothy’s just sounds douchey. Same with Coffee Beanie’s.

After brunch, which was a real ducky, hotsy totsy 50’s affair (albeit with 20s terms), we headed back towards the beached waffle aka San Diego – please let me know if I need to explain that one. At this point, I suppose I should backtrack a bit. I was thinking about the order in which we’d seen things and wondered why the Jungle Book seemed so real. (Note: It was actually the Lion King that we watched the other night.) What happened is that I forgot we’d gone to the zoo before we hit the road. I must’ve been thinking of all the Mowgli-bodied models in L.A.

Back to the present (er, as it was at this point in the past), we hit the Aquarium of the Pacific on the way back because the weather was so terrible, and we were on an Al Gore-like kick after the zoo – they even had his chart on display, before it melted.

After I dropped Kary off at the airport I had to figure out what to do with myself for the next week before I got the keys to my place. Luckily(?) I still had a 2000km drive ahead of me.

I made it up the coast to Huntington Beach that night and fell in love with surfing in the morning. If I were earning anything more than a basic annual celery, I’d have gone a few more times, but I’m broke, and some of those minnows had teeth ya know! You can’t hang nine.

*Unless you’re Ron Jeremy.

I pretty much spent the next four days Cruis’n USA up U.S. Route 101, wishing I was in the Devastator IV instead of the Toyota Poor. Anyway, I made it back to Vancouver and resumed sitting on my butt. A job well done.

Ah crap, who brought up jobs again?! Look whatcha did, ya little jerk.