Nez and the art of dyslexia.

The French is going well. I’m learning to pronounce ‘Stephen Colbert’ every night at 11:30.

I walked into the gym today and the guy’s son was working the desk. In a completely serious way he said, “Man, how long did it take you to grow that mullet!? It’s awesome!” Wow. I didn’t even try to defend it. I just said “A long time, man. I think I’ll cut it soon.”

Dropped Chuter off at his car this morning. The guy rented a Charger for the weekend! Naturally, I told him to take off his shoes before he dared get in my Toyota. After that I went kayak hunting in North Van – had to make that ferry ride worth it. No luck though. I was hoping to find something cheap to strap on the roof of the car so I could take advantage of the beaches here. But I did check out MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) for the first time ever. It has absolutely everything you could ever want for the trails. I’m already addicted. It was amazing in there. I bet every tree sprouts a branch when a hiker with MEC gear walks by.

Finished the autobiography I was talking about, on the ferry today. Hell of a story, but not well-written in my opinion, which is hard to admit because I admire the guy. I’m onto reading Hemingway’s short story collection now (and likely for a few more weeks/years).

Once again I’m looking at places to rent for the end of the month. Luckily I’ve already got a much better feel for the best places to live, even after only hanging around for a few weeks. I just looked at one ad online and in the picture I could see the guy’s foot in the mirror..and I keep counting 6 toes, seriously. Definitely not calling there. I can’t anyway, his phone number has eight digits.

As I was riding back from the gym today I got whipped in the face by a twig! - You’ve likely noticed that I’ve said “today” a – “today” is relative to the day I wrote the bit, I’m not that productive. I’d go all ‘I Love Lucy” if I had too many things to do at once. – So the twig, it came out of nowhere and I couldn’t see it on the road behind me. Then about two seconds later my chain went slack (Babe, I swear that never happens!) so I pulled over. Turns out my headphone cord was hanging a little too low and got sucked into the gears. Guess it wasn’t a twig. Just a twig-head on a bike.