I Don't Think, Therefore I Am Sam.

Not a whole lot had changed recently. I miss the traveling already. Too bad I’m not an NBA fan.

The weather’s been pretty weak. The snow caught up with me! And when the guys in the basement suite leave for the weekend and turn their heat off it gets cold as ice Charlie Murphy in here. The gas fireplace is about as helpful as a chiropractor (it’s not a real fire!). So much for using the king bed. I’m not going into that meat locker. 

Possibly going to the mainland tomorrow too to pick up some odds and ends, and gas up the car. The gas prices are terrible here. I’m putting old jewelry in the tank to save money.

If you’re bored in Yawntario, you should read the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s almost as great a read as Lou. Tomorrow I’m picking up Darrell Hammond’s autobiography. He’s one of my favourite SNL cast members (e.g. Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy) and he’s been in the most episodes ever despite being one of the unluckiest guys around. Should be a good one. Too bad there are no bookstores around here bigger than a bedroom. Your selection is essentially whatever Cole’s got on his nightstand. I think most people occupy themselves with lawn bowling and The Price is Right, so unless you want to read TV Guide, go to Vancouver.

 I’m about ready for a visitor, so thank God my buddy Chuter’s heading over here from Calgary this weekend. The temporary plan is to meet up Friday night, head to Whistler Saturday, and then visit the island on Sunday. I’ve got an appt. with Dr. Moreau, so it works out well. Maybe we’ll get to have sushi too. I still haven’t had any since I’ve been here so I’m getting pretty antsy. Like a bug’s life! But a fish’s death - Mmmmm.   –Fin.