Big News: Wildebeests!

(not today) Moved in today! Good stuff so far. Trails tomorrow!

(yesterday) Wouldn’t you like to know.

(today) I’m watching this TV show right now and may have discovered the first tough-guy who’s a half-decent runner! Take this time to reflect on your favourite tough-guy action scenes, both big-screen and small. You’ll notice (likely not; who cares, right?) that they’re all terrible runners. Arms flailing, knock-kneed strides, very un-fast and not not slow.  You’ll probably see one good running scene for every time you see 007 strike out.

Had a great trail-ride today. A little muddy and steep, but I’m a pansy. You’d be surprised by what kinds of noises you make when you’re alone in steep woods and struggling to keep your balance. Conan O’Brien’s first time? Yeah, like that.

Is it sad that I’m kind of itchin’ to start working already? Maybe it’s just poison ivy from the trail, but I’ve been on the job websites for a while now.  Although I can’t complain about two and a half hours walking the dog, an hour at the new gym, and an hour on the trails. Do you know how many peanut butter and banana sandwiches I can eat now?? Awesome, that’s how many.

Off to watch Rum Diary and fall asleep to some classic Seinfeld.

How about the name Ned?


What’s wrong with Ned?

Ned’s a guy who buys irregular underwear.