We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.

(yesterday) Finally a decent hotel. Pulled in and the woman there was baking cookies! But since we’re talking about Rob here… Around 1am when I was falling asleep, the phone rang 3 different times and no one was on the other line. I went downstairs and asked the guy if he was trying to get a hold of me, and he said “Nope, but I just read that we’ve been having an issue with phantom phone calls lately.” Greeaaat. So I unplugged the phone and went to bed. 3am: the phone rang. Whaaaat!? Oh man, weird. This happened a couple more times throughout the night. When it went off again in the morning I looked across the room. Two phones. Idiot.

(today) Oh man am I broke now. Portland has got to be the urban mecca of cycling. What a beauty. Bought the bike rack and threw it in the car, then ended up going back an hour later to get help installing it because I now had a bike to put on it. So here are the benefits of this little outing:

-It was Presidents Day, so free parking on the street downtown.

-Amazing service at every place (sorry honey..)

-Oregon: no sales tax. Harmonize that, McGuinty.

-Border patrol was so concerned with my whole “I’m moving but have absolutely no proof” scenario that they didn’t ask if I bought anything. No duty! (spoken like a proud baby at diaper change). Looking back, I think the guy figured I was moving that day and didn’t realize I’d already moved and had only crossed over to shop.. Don’t ask, don’t tell. A military shopping spree.

-I got to pay American gas prices which were way better, got a cheaper hotel than in Vancouver, and had a 10-hour Big Shiny Tunes party in the car.

 Not a bad spin around the block, eh?