Big Snow to Skid Row.

(yesterday) GREAT day. 25cm of fresh snow overnight and 7 hours to play in it. I’ll be sore tomorrow.

Big thanks to ‘Richmond’ for showing me the best hidden powder on the mountain. Gave her a good laugh when I came climbing out of the trees 5 minutes after her and sweating like Niles Crane at a strip club.

All the hotels in the village were sold out (the affordable ones at least), so I ended up in Pemberton 30km north in a dump that Snake Plissken couldn’t escape from. And to top things off there’s a DJ playing the bar all night. UNDER MY ROOM. I suppose I’ll try to sleep soon. Just checked under the bed for monsters, but only found Corn Pops and pills. I guess that was expected. I don’t want to know what’s actually in the bed, so I’m sleeping on top in tomorrow’s gear – also necessary since there’s no heating. Small detail.

(today) Woke up feeling like Mickey Rourke’s face. Threw my key behind the front desk and hit the road. The weather wasn’t great and there was no new snow, but the lines were way better. I was taking breaks every 5 minutes to get the legs and feet to stop cramping. John Cougar Mellencamp had a hit based on my weekend.

Still two days before I get the new place, so I left Whistler this afternoon and now I’m relaxing at a quality hotel in Portland. Why? I’m kind of a trail blazer. Actually it’s because I got some rave reviews for a place that sells bike racks for cars. And because why not. I’ve got time and music and no commitments. And tomorrow, hopefully I’ve got a bike and a place to put it.

-Sleep tight; don’t let the Pemberton bed bugs bite.