Tony, Blair the tunes, these chaps are dull.

The mountain was awesome today! Not much new snowfall lately, but Blackcomb held on well to what it had. I forgot that on glacier/bowl runs they don’t mark the hazards. Almost didn’t make it to day 2! Luckily I just booked day 3…

Try being stuck in a gondola for 15 minutes with 3 proper English people (ready to offend some more people? Okay!). These guys were just itching to see me jump from 100ft, I swear. Sorry, 3048cm. I don’t really even remember the conversation, but I think someone defended a thesis in slow motion. It felt like I was in there a fortnight having high tea with the Queen’s Guard.

Weatherman’s predicting 6 inches of mashed potatoes in the morning!! Call me Jennifer Love Hewitt; I can’t hardly wait!