Hey, Whistler. Say Hi to your mother for me.

And hopefully Mr. Bean apologized for sneezing.

Just pulled into Whistler Village a few minutes ago and set up shop in the nearest Starbucks. I think I’m a few minutes away from the touristy strip, but this’ll do until I give into looking at a map.

The barrista said she’s into ju-jitsu. I said I liked accounting too.

-Everyday I realize there’s one more person (or ethnic group, for that matter) who I hope never gets the link to this blog.

I still have 3 hours to burn so I think I’ll start writing a novel. I mean, Elton John did it, although he did get it backwards. *Editor’s Note: ‘Levon’

The weather could be better, but luckily I’m not boarding today. Lifts close at 3:30 so it’s not worth it (it’s almost 1). It’s got that feel that was there in Banff with the clouds just low enough to white-out the peak keep you stuck in the middle. Everything, everything will be just fine; everything, everything will be alright. Hopefully it’s nice tomorrow and Saturday. And Sunday too if I’m not broken, or broke. I still have no clue what I’ll do when I get back to Van with 2 days to burn before I get to move in. Big White is too far East and I doubt I’ll crave mountains less awesome than these (They’re real, and they’re spectacular!). –Man, that punctuation situation is gonna bother me for a while. Cheese it, man! The grammar fuzz are comin!

I’d love for the boys to be around right now. I miss those big musky buckets.

Kary said she wanted me go get a picture of an orca for her. If I had a camera right now I’d get the coffee shop girl blocking my view of the mountain. That’d be killer.

I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow since there’s just so much terrain and not much time. I may pick a mountain in the morning, for the whole day, then do the other for the entire next day. You all know I’ll be getting lost anyway, so why plan anything?

Can’t wait to get out there. Absolutely not going to be able to sleep. Calling in a favour from Barefoot. Can’t wait to get out there. Oh… I said that already.

Why bother going to Australia when all the aussies and expensive alcohol are in one village here!?