Holy G-Force, Batman!

(yesterday) Following a few leads now! I’ve got a viewing tomorrow a little ways away from Van proper, but can’t turn it down. Then another in West Van in the evening.

Drove to campus to chat with the unhelpful help and sell my soul for parking. UBC has an awesome campus though. And from driving through, it looks like the Point Grey and Kits areas are the bees knees. So long as you have a nice Harris Tweed jacket for your casual strolls and pants tight enough to force you to pick a side. Conversely is how your shoes should act.

I didn’t realize my electronics were so hurt by my iPhone’s hot tub drowning incident, but as I was leaving campus my blackberry attempted suicide out the passenger window in the roundabout…

(today) John Hancocked my way into a lease about an hour ago. A real ramshackle gutter-find if you ask me. Big rat too, named Gator. You even have to take the ferry there; cars are scared! Stay tuned for the pics. And aww shucks, I can’t move in until the 21st so I’m gonna have to slum it in Whistler for a while. Ugh, I just wanna go back to London. Oh, hold on a sec…

Sorry, I was choking on a piece of lie.

Where was I? Oh, right. I’m in love with an older woman. She has a boyfriend though. And 20 years on me (but 15 minutes would be enough). So I could really use a time machine right about now.

“What the hell is this?!”


“What did you sleep in your clothes again last night?”

“Yeah, yeah what are you wearing, Dave?”

“Marty, I always wear a suit to the office. You alright?”

Can’t IMDB that one.

Now if only this ferry would speed up to 88mph! But I guess that might ruin his hairdo..

Going to talk to the young Gilmore (a rare name these days) at the front desk when I get back to the hotel about cancelling my next two nights so I can hit the highway in the morning for some powder! (One thing you don’t know about me, Joe Rogan.. I smoke rock!)

Update: Hotel cancelled and hotel booked. Free breakfast binge in the morning then off to Whistler Afropick!