Honey, I'm Home!

(yesterday) I pulled into the hotel this afternoon and immediately noticed a McDonald’s next door. My Morgan Spurlocking is at an all-time high and it’s killing me. Probably literally. And I feel like a genius in this neighbourhood. I’m the only white one and everyone else is Wong.

(Note: There was more to my day, but Monday was identical, so I’ll spare you the pop music chorus.)

(today) Had my first viewing today! But I forgot my magnifying glass. And crafting a new one would probably be a noise violation in that place.

Next. Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve emailed around 10 more places until now, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for the next round of Craigslist ads to be released. I feel like the commentator from NBA Hang Time 64 is yelling “REJECTEDDDD!!” every time I get a reply. And then, naturally, “He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn,” or “Olajuwon!” for good measure.

Finally found a gym too. ‘Spartacus’ on the east side. You could get your entire workout done just protecting your purse on the way in. Steve Nash’s gym franchise isn’t looking as bad as his hair anymore.

The weather was 10 degrees today! I’m ecstatic that I finally made it here. And it was sunny. Also, I wasn’t the only guy in shorts! Or maybe those were capris? Some guys downtown here blur the line between chic and chick.

-Hoping to share some good news tomorrow!