Utahkin' to Me?

(yesterday) So as per the pic below, the bindings were wrecked. Weight Watchers starts today. Never had more than 3 people in front of me in the lift lines which was amazing. Plus I packed lunch to save time. Yeah, that’s right mom.

The day’s soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac – The Very Best Of (2-disc set). Listened to the whole thing twice on the hills. Perfecto.

(today) Caught some amazing weather today on the hill. And then bit hard in front of the cute lift ticket girl.. The ol’ 2 mph speed wobble. I didn’t end up going to Aspen (mmm, California) because it was too far out of the way and would’ve cut into hill time since my hotel was at the base of Copper.

Picture a large trucker stretching with his hands behind his back after a long drive.. that’s how the guy was standing at the urinal. One of two urinals.

Just checked into the hotel (motel, let’s be realistic) in Salt Lake City. This could be in my Top 10 U.S. cities, but I’d have to tour around a bit during the day. Second last leg of the trip begins tomorrow morning: SLC to Brooks, AB to meet up with DC pre-BC. That’s essentially code for 1300 kms by nightfall. 16 and Preggo has been on for 20 minutes and I haven’t changed it. I’m that tired. But fate kept me awake at 11pm when I was halfway through my coffee on the interstate and System of a Down – Sugar came on the radio. I out-lip-sync’d Madonna and still have a headache.

Is it wrong to yell ‘Tebowww!’ When you walk by someone tying their shoe?

Day’s soundtrack: The Joy Formidable, Underoath, Walk Off the Earth, & Dropkick Murphys