Monkey News

Karl? Alright. Roads were perfect even though Denver just took on 2 feet of snow. I lucked out. And then had my first encounter with a grocery store in 4 days. Man are they underrated. Not to mention the $8 12-packs, which, coincidentally, you will really feel after prolonged hot tub dips.

So I drove by a barn in Kansas (keep your panties on..) and it said “happiness is a crock of beans.” Weird, right? Thought I’d share that. Maybe it’s better with wieners in it? Wasn’t my barn.

Missed the first half of the Superbowl but caught some on the radio. Ended up watching it with the usual suspects: German businessmen and the receptionist. Not much chirping, but a good deal of “Vat is dat rule? Zey missed ze four tries so they keek it?”

Snow in the morning!

-Teach Hard.